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Our White Doves love to fly and will enjoy putting on a White Dove Release show for you.

Our doves are more than our employees, they are our pets. If they are not happy, they are not going to be very anxious to return home time after time, as they continue to do.

Our white doves are very well cared for and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. The roomy loft is free from drafts and has plenty of sunshine. They will enjoy a "free flight" on the days when they are not doing a release. The birds thoroughly enjoy a bath several times a week to help keep them clean and white. They also receive a "special" cleaning on the day of a release. The feed is carefully controlled for maximum health. They are vaccinated to insure that they are always healthy and ready to perform their best for you. As you can see, these birds get the very best care and pose no threat to humans or animals.

A lot of time, effort, and money go into the training and care of these birds. They go through an intense training period for the first year. They still need to be kept in top performance at all times, so the training and conditioning is never ending.

They are a special breed of Rock Dove that is closely related to the homing and racing pigeon all of which are members of the dove family. They are bred to develop a gentle spirit and the homing ability so they can safely return home when released.


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