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The majority of our release cages and baskets are hand made specifically for the doves. We strive for a professional look that can easily be decorated for the occasion while allowing plenty of fresh air and room for the number of birds that it will hold. There are various sizes and types of baskets and cages from which to select. We will decorate them with your choice of colors, or you may take them and have them decorated before the event.

We are constantly acquiring new baskets and cages so if there is something special that you are trying to achieve, please ask us and we will see if we can accommodate your request.


Heart Basket/Flock Basket

Heart Basket for Two


Spirit or Trinity Release

Chapel Release Cage

Front Opening Flock Basket

Flock Release

Trinity Funeral Release

Angel Funeral Release
Fantails Display Only- click to enlarge Ringneck Display Only
2-4 bird cage - click to enlarge. Extra large wedding arch click to enlarge.

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