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Our goal at Betty's Doves, is to work with our customers to give them the type of white dove release that they desire. To achieve this goal we are pretty "open minded" about what we will and won't do. The only things that we will not compromise  on is the safety of the white doves and our moral and religious beliefs.

We will do our best to give you a professional well planned release.
We will provide healthy, clean, gentle, well cared for birds for your release.
We will provide a trained, properly attired professional to coordinate the release.
We will provide clean, beautiful display cages and baskets.
We will work with the photographer to help you achieve the best photo opportunity possible.
We will NOT release our birds in dangerous situations, or too late in the day for their safe return to their home.
We do require that the release be paid for in full before the day of the release.
If the release time is postponed during the event, more than 30 minutes there will be an additional charge. If the release is delayed beyond a safe amount of time for the doves to safely return to their home, we will not allow them to be released, you will still be charged for a release.
All releases must be paid in full before the date of the release.
If the weather suddenly makes a release impossible at the event, you will be fully refunded less a $100.00 set up and travel fee.
If you cancel a release prior to two weeks of the release you will given a 100% refund of monies paid.
If you cancel a release 8-14 days prior to the release you will be given a 75% refund.
If you cancel within seven days of the scheduled release you will receive no refund.

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